About the Author

Yvonne Halling runs “Les Molyneux” Luxury Bed and Breakfast in the heart of the Champagne region of France, where she won a Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor. She turned her 10k a year “hobby” business into a professional 100k a year B&B business in less than 3 years, through a proven 10 step system which she now uses with other B&B owners. She’s the winner of the Infusionsoft Ultimate Marketer Contest Best in Class 2013, has written for the UK Bed and Breakfast Association, interviewed on http://brightideas.co and is a regular contributor to http://entrepreneursoul.com. She’s also a published author. Get her free report here at http://bedandbreakfastcoach.com


Bed and Breakfast Magic! TM is a 10 Step Proven System to transform your Bed and Breakfast into a Booming 6 Figure Business. In this book you will learn: How your thinking is holding you back from making the money you deserve to make How doing everything yourself will drive your business into the ground and what to do about it How not having a handle on your finances is destroying your chances of success How defining your ideal guests and turning others away will actually make you more attractive and make you more money Why your website sucks if it’s not bringing in money while you sleep How you can’t just sell rooms if you’re serious about a 6 figure bed and breakfast business How online technology can do the work for you, if you would only learn how to use it If you’re not reading and learning then you’re falling behind and dying PLUS Special bonus inside