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    Tell Us Your Story & Win £10,000! Great British Pub Awards!

    Coca-Cola has created a special Community Pub Fund of £165,000 to be shared between this year’s Great British Pub Awards winners, as a thank you for supporting communities during the coronavirus pandemic and to help give their businesses a bit more of a boost and help ensure the hospitality sector gets back to its best.

    Each winner will be offered the opportunity to submit an application for up to £10,000 each to fund a business improvement or upgrade or to put towards a community project. Additionally, Coca-Cola is sponsoring the Frontline Support category and will fund a further £1,000 donation to a local charity or good cause supported by each of the winning pubs.

    Coca-Cola European Partner’s Rob Harris, VP for Sales said: “This is a gesture to say thank you and help pubs, who have continued to be at the heart of their communities, to open like never before and prosper in the future. We want to see our sector thrive and get back to its best after a difficult few months.”

    The awards are completely free to enter, with 10 awards categories and the entry and judging process simplified for this year, you and your pub will have a real chance to gain recognition and reward for supporting your local community during these trying times.

  • Last Chance: Join Us Tomorrow for Skift Loyalty Online Summit

    Last Chance: Join Us Tomorrow for Skift Loyalty Online Summit

    This is a pay-what-you-feel-its-worth webinar. 


    This is a quick reminder from Skift to join us at our Loyalty Online Summit tomorrow at 11 a.m. EDT as we discuss how customer loyalty program experts are preparing for the long recovery ahead and keeping their programs relevant to consumers at this time.

    Visit our event page for a schedule of the conversations.

    Our panelists include:

    • Mark Nasr – VP, Loyalty & eCommerce, Air Canada
    • Luc Bondar – VP, Loyalty and President, MileagePlus®, United Airlines
    • Guy Cierzan – Managing Partner, Loyalty, ICF Next
    • Danielle Brown – Chief Marketing Officer, Points
    • Jon Glick – Partner, Customer Experience and Loyalty, PwC
    • Farhan Mohammad – Global Head of Travel and Hospitality, Salesforce
    • Brian Kelly – Founder and CEO, The Points Guy
    • Eliot Hamlisch – Executive Vice President, Loyalty and Revenue Optimization, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts
    • Ana Andjelic – Author of The Business of Aspiration

    Can’t make the live event? Register to receive an alert when the recording is published.

    We hope to see you there.

    If you’d like to sponsor a webinar or an Online Summit like this or have any other questions, email:

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    GETTING US BACK INTO WORK: Accountancy News from ZigZag Accounting


    The Chancellor has announced a range of measures designed to fire up the economy, get people into work, or back to work, and out spending so that society starts to operate again.


    Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) Bonus

    There will be £1,000 bonuses per employee for employers who bring their staff back from furlough and keep them in work until the end of January 2021. The employee will need to earn more than £520 per month on average over the period and payments to employers will not start until February 2021. It does mean that there is a three-month gap effectively from the CJRS arrangement coming to an end on 31 October and CJRS bonuses being paid in February 2021.

    This cashflow delay may reduce the effectiveness of this measure if the business does not return to pre-Covid levels quickly enough, but it is a creative solution to what may have been seen as a looming cliff edge. Alongside this, businesses will have one eye on how they use flexible labour and support cost effectively and compliantly given the changes that are likely to be introduced from April 2021 in respect of IR35.

    Although the CJRS Bonus is intended to help protect jobs (albeit there may be changes in roles required), there is still likely to be redundancies as organisations plan to survive 2020. However, this new announcement is hoping to mitigate the need for redundancies as much as it possibly can.

    Further detail will be announced before the end of the month and we maybe yet to see changes to this as we did with CJRS as events continue to unfold.

    Traineeships and Apprenticeships

    Employers can also receive funding of £1,000 per individual if they provide work experience for trainees. Traineeship funding will increase to fund a trebling of the current number of positions.

    Funding will be increased for those hiring new apprentices between 1 August 2020 and 31 January 2021. There will be £2,000 per apprentice for those aged under 25 and £1,500 per apprentice for those aged over 25. This funding is additional to that already available via the Apprenticeship Levy for training costs, and also the NIC relief employers receive for employing apprentices under the age of 25.

    This is a key development. Organisations across all sectors can really make a positive difference to their workforce management and cash flow by taking some time to review how they engage current employees returning to work and look to bring in new job roles in the short and medium term. Alongside the CJRS bonus arrangement, this may help organisations bring back furloughed workers into new roles given potential changes to business needs brought upon by Covid-19, particularly in the hospitality, retail, construction and manufacturing sectors.

    Kickstart scheme

    Funding will be available to cover 100% of the National Minimum Wage, employer’s national insurance and minimum pension payments for six months for employers who create work placements for 16-24-year olds who are currently receiving Universal Credit and are at risk of long-term unemployment.  There is no detail yet on how employers can identify those individuals when taking on people for work placements, but this may come via the increased investment in job centre staff.


    VAT cuts

    The hard-hit hospitality sector is to receive special attention as it is a key source of work for young people. There is to be a swinging VAT cut from 20% to 5% between 15 July 2020 and 12 January 2021 on food and non-alcoholic drinks bought in cafés, bars or restaurants. A similar reduction will also apply to accommodation and admission to attractions (including cinemas).

    For all of August, every person eating out on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday can receive a discount of 50% on the costs of the meal and soft drinks, capped at £10 per head. Any food establishment can apply to participate in the scheme and will be reimbursed weekly for the discount.

    Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT)

    In addition to hospitality the housing market also gets special attention. The current exemption for SDLT on residential property sales in England and NI is £125,000, this will be increase from the 8th July 2020 until 31st March 2021 to £500,000.  This will reduce the cost of house moves and should inject life into the housing market provided people feel secure enough to take on the extra costs of buying a new house.

    In a further boost to the housing and construction sector, grants will be available of up to £5,000 for work to make homes more energy efficient. The grant is £2 for every £1 spent by the householder but for low income household the grant will be up to £10,000 and fully fund the spend. Spending in this way targets job creation and preservation in the construction sector but also helps the government move towards its green targets. Whether the grants come on stream fast enough to allow businesses to bring workers back from furlough remains to be seen but coupled with the job retention bonus it is certainly a positive move for the sector.

    The standard rate of VAT will be temporarily cut for a six-month period


    The standard rate of VAT will be temporarily cut for a six-month period from 20% to 5% on selected goods and services, taking effect from Wednesday 15 July 2020 until 12 January 2021. It is anticipated that this will provide a much-needed stimulus to the UK economy in the current uncertain environment.

    The rate cut will apply to supplies of certain food and non-alcoholic drinks from restaurants, pubs, bars, cafés and similar premises across the UK.  It will also apply to supplies of accommodation and admission to attractions across the UK.

    The cut in the VAT rate is expected to assist businesses in increasing their sales and to bounce back from the current situation created by the Covid-19 pandemic. It will however create additional administrative burdens. The extent to which businesses will be affected will vary, however, the following non-exhaustive, broad considerations are relevant when developing an action plan to deal with the rate cut:

    • It is important that businesses understand how the rate cut will impact them. In particular they need to understand when their sales take place for VAT purposes, ie the ‘tax point’, to enable them to correctly determine the rate of VAT to apply.
    • The accounting software used should be capable of dealing with multiple VAT rates.
    • The accounting software master data should be reviewed and updated.
    • Retailers should ensure that their tills are configured to deal with the reduced VAT rate from 15 July 2020.
    • It may be necessary to contact software providers for assistance in preparing the accounting system for the change in rate.
    • Prices of goods and services that are displayed VAT inclusive in shops, online etc need to be amended if the VAT rate cut is being passed onto the customer.
    • Affected business should be reviewing their pricing policies in view of the VAT rate cut, particularly where their customers are unable to recover VAT on their purchases.
    • Consideration will need to be given to procedures for correctly accounting for VAT where a business offers products or services attracting both the standard and reduced rate of VAT



  • Novellini

    Enjoy a relaxing Summer with the new Divina Outdoor from Novellini

    Having a hot tub at home is everyone’s dream. Novellini offers the chance to experience that dream at home with the new outdoor hydromassage spa, Divina Outdoor. Experts in relaxation and spa technology, Novellini has launched a new product that will not only lift your mood this Summer but outdoor living space too. Divina Outdoor was born out of the Divina Project in which architect Massimo Farinatti developed a collection of distinct, sharp and sleek bathtubs.

    With Divina Outdoor, you can make it your own. There are three wellness configurations you can choose from and state-of-the-art technology integrated within it. Features include an audio system with Bluetooth, underwater multi-color lighting, and Chromo light technology, building a perfect ambiance. It has an outstanding series of 18 whirlpool, adjustable vents and 16 jet nozzles. These provide an effective massage of the lumbar, dorsal, gluteus, thighs, calves, and feet areas so you can rest your head on the comfortable cushions and enjoy the overall sensation.

    Perfect for the balcony and the decking. Divina Outdoor breaks the mold with it’s minimalist and elegant aesthetic. It blends beautifully into a contemporary environment and is set apart from other products because of its durability. Made with a thermoformed sheet of Senplast, it is more resistant to chemicals, cracking, impact, and UV rays.

    Step into your staycation with this compact, comfortable spa bath. UK Sales Manager at Novellini, Stuart West says ‘As many search for a way to relax at home his Summer, the Divina Outdoor is the perfect solution. Stylish, practical and like no other hot-tub you’ve ever experienced.’

    For more information and hi-res images, please contact

    Unit 11, Caxton court, Porters Wood AL3 6XT St Albans Hertfordshire GB Phone: +44 01727 229922
    Fax: +44 01727 838 232

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    Global Entertainment launch COVID-SAFE Tech Products

    The Clean Remote

    Promotional video


    clean remote

    Download the brochure

    The Clean Pen

    Cleanpen is a pen holder and sanitiser that eliminates bacteria and viruses from the surface of writing utensils and styluses.

    • Effective, safe, and simple to use, and refills last 2 – 4 weeks depending on use.
    • Fits most pens up to 14mm diameter.
    • Notch provides additional 4mm of clearance for pens with clips.

    What is Cleanpen?

    Cleanpen is a pen holder and pen sanitiser that eliminates bacteria and common viruses on pens.

    How long do germs live on objects such as pens?

    Surprisingly, germs and viruses can live for extended periods of time on inanimate objects. According to research by the Mayo Clinic, some influenza viruses can live for up to 48 hours on objects such as pens, styluses, doorknobs or other commonly shared surfaces.

    How does it work?

    A Cleanpen unit contains a specially-formulated sponge refill designed to dispense our unique cleaning solution to a pen’s surface, thereby eliminating germs on contact.

    Easy to use: Simply slide the pen in one hole and out the other for a hassle-free clean

    Market Place: Taxis, Shops, Hotel Reception, Housekeeping, School Class room, Ballot Booth & more!