These are the Top Ten Features of the World’s Most ‘Insta-worthy’ Bedrooms

Brand new piece of social media research conducted by Novos into the top featured attributes of the world’s most-liked Instagram photos.

We have analysed thousands of images from the top 5 bedroom hashtags (e.g #bedroomdecor with 3 million posts) to discover and share what features or objects it really requires to get an ‘Insta-Worthy’ bedroom.

To see our full methodology and findings, we have collated it all here –

So what makes a bedroom so loveable?

The top 10 features needed to turn a bedroom into #bedroomgoals are:

  1. White Bedsheets 54.3%
  2. Windows 45.7%
  3. Queen Sized Bed 43.5%
  4. Decorative Cushions 41.3%
  5. Wooden Floors 41%
  6. Minimal Theme 39.1%
  7. Throws 37%
  8. Rugs 34.8%
  9. White Features Throughout 34%
  10. Headboard 32.6%

Now more than ever, people are looking to transform their bedrooms into the ultimate sanctuary. Our breakdown of the features that make a bedroom so ‘liked’ will be a sure guide to anyone looking to transform their space. Because let’s face it – it’s more important than ever before to love where you live!

How did we compile this data?

The shortlist for the most Instagrammed ‘Quarantine’ bedrooms is based on data retrieved from Instagram. We analysed the top 5 bedroom-related hashtags (#bedroomdecor, #bedroom, #bedroomdesign, #bedroominspo, #bedroomgoals, #bedroomideas) and reviewed likes, comments and locations of these posts, and then filtered by the top 50 most engaged with images. We then analysed each post for commonalities between images, including features, furniture and colours.

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